The Great Brook What?

In some circles, The Great Brook Run is called the most magnificent sporting event that takes place on the 28th of December in Chadlington at 12:30 in the afternoon.

Others disagree.

The Great Brook Run is a cross-country race that takes place half on land, half in water. Over the frightening distance of just-over-a-mile, our epic journey departs the picturesque Cotswold village of Chadlington and within a few hundred yards has thrown down the first of many darkly challenging challenges as the course challengingly turns 90 degrees to the left to challenge our challengers.

The course throws up many more obstacle as it wends through a quagmire of distant muddy fields. But The Great Brook Run gets its name not from the muddy bit, but from the wet bit, the bit that dares our heroes to come all the way home again in a raging torrent of water that is The Great Brook.

Survivors, for there are some, get to retire to The Tite Inn to warm their frozen toes by the fire, quaff an ale or two and regale passers by with stories of derring do and dunkings, all the while admiring their medal dangling gamely in somebody elses beer.

Want To Take Part?

Almost anyone can take part (see safety advice below).The race starts from the Tite Inn, Chadlington, OX7 3NY.

All competitors must register and pay a £10 entry fee which goes to charity. Registration is from 11:00 until 12:15 on race day, and the race starts at 12:30.

One registered, you will be issued with a competitor number which must be visible to marshals and, particularly, visible to the timekeeper at the finishing line.

All proceeds from this year’s race will be going to the Oxfordshire Association for the Blind.

Get Ready...!








This Years’s Great Brook Run is on the 28th of December. Race Registration starts at 11:00 and the race starts at 12:30.

Children, Safety and Medical Help

  • No children under the height of 4ft (1.2m) will be allowed to take part. We may raise the height limit or alter the route for children if there has been heavy rain.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied AT ALL TIMES by their parents. Parents who run off in the search of glory leaving their children to fend for themselves in the brook will be publicly humiliated and asked to leave (sorry if this sounds harsh, but it has happened).
  • The Brook is cold, parts of it can be up to 2ft deep after heavy rainfall. There are many hidden rocks and tree roots which can be a trip hazard.
  • There will be marshals at regular intervals along the course to help guide you and provide assistance if required.
  • If you get injured and can’t see a marshal, ask another runner to summon help. A 4x4 is available to pick you up and first aiders will be on hand.
  • If you begin to feel the effects of the cold while in the brook, get out and call for a marshal who will get you back to the warmth. Thermal blankets are available if needed.
  • You will be required to sign a waiver accepting full responsibility for yourself and minors in your guardianship before taking part in the event. The full text of the waiver can be read here.

Dress Code

You must be dressed! What you dress in is completely up to you, but sturdy footwear is essential. Don’t wear wellies or a drysuit unless you’re a masochist.

Don’t forget that Fancy Dress is Best!

Bring a dry change of clothes – tents will be provided as rudimentary changing rooms.