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Another Great Brook Run Done!

The results are (kinda) in (see below) and GBR 2014 was another stonking year for our Champion of Champions, Ben Chapman (8m 45s), who once again conquered the Brook to take his fifth consecutive win. Taking first place for the women was Amy Turner in her debut year showing the brook who’s boss with a time of 10m 26s.

In all we had a record 148 runners taking part despite the weather forecasters predicting hurricane force winds and driving rain and those pure 148 were rewarded for their tenacity with a beautiful winter’s afternoon in which to take on the Chadlington rapids.

With our record gate and support from local sponsors The Tite Inn, House & Carriage, The Wine Tipster, Cotswold Brewing Co., Fete Game HireTt, Cotswold Cycles, Slatters Butchers and Running Imp, we can expect our best ever collection for charity, which this year is the Chadlington Memorial Hall.

Registration Woes

We’ve invested almost nothing in our IT infrastructure over the years, yet despite that our 6 year old laptop which acts as Race Control and Master of Timing bit the big one during the race, leaving us with absolutely no records of race registrants – we don’t know who came, their email addresses or their competitor numbers.

Fortunately, we had The A Team on board. Camilla Engberg, Mandy Kelly and Jess MacGillivray locked themselves in the pub and using only the junk and tools they could find around them, fashioned a contraption made from pens, paper and iPhone timers in order to record the race results!

Because of their tireless efforts we have a record of competitor numbers and their finishing times, but not the names. If you know your competitor number, please email me and I’ll update the timing sheet.

Preliminary Results have been posted here. Photos to follow….

Thank You Marshalls

I just wanted to add a quick Thank You to all the Marshalls, particularly Lucinda Rowles, Paul Steffens and Martin Slatter who took care of an injured competitor and made sure he received timely and expert medical attention. You’ll all be glad to know that the patient is now back at home and recovering well.

On to Next Year – 2014 – Are You a Great Brook Run Virgin?

Christmas is a great time for virgins. And if you’re like a virgin, touched for the very first time, these are the things what’ll keep you out of trouble:

  • If you don’t know what the Great Brook Run is or you’d like to take part, you can find out more by clicking here.
  • If you need to find us, click here.
  • Taking part is not without risk. Click here to read what you should know, particularly if you’re bringing children.
  • If you’re taking part, it’ll cost you a fiver. Because it’s for charidy, mate.
  • Runners need to register on the day, before 12:15. Race starts at 12:30.
  • All runners, no matter how crap, get a medal.

17 Responses to Home Page

  1. The best fun you can have while getting wet and cold! Another great year, thank you GBR

  2. daleosborne@live.co.uk says:

    Well done Adam, James and all involved. Many thanks, Oz.

  3. mike pawley says:

    Great fun all round, and Luke did the full adult course !

    • GBRAdminFella says:

      Wowowowowow! Ok, that’s seriously and ridiculously impressive! We were unprepared for having to split the running groups today and stupidly didn’t consider the results ramifications, but we’ll do things differently in the future. We’ll also have to promote Luke to at least a joint first. When we put the pictures up, please let me know which ones feature Luke so we can at least bathe him in GBR glory. He is a seriously talented athlete.

  4. Dan Moloney says:

    First year for me & assuming the memory fades enough over the next 12 months so that i forget how awful i felt at the finish i will definitely be back. I have to say congrats to Adam and James (and all who helped make the day happen) for organising a typically British event. Roll on next year!

  5. mike pawley says:

    No need to publish this on the website – but thanks – we were somewhat confused when the trophy was taken away from him on the podium! He’s 15 years old but he’s 5 feet 10 inches tall, so it’s not surprising the marshals didn’t keep him out of the bottom section of the brook. He entered the brook right behind Ben Chapman and then overtook him. Nobody asked at the end which route he’d run…he’s very very fast at cross-country (and so is his little brother!). He’ll be back next year when he’s 16 to win it again!

  6. My first Great Brook Run and I’ll be back in 2013. Also, a very memorable day for my father-in-law so read on http://www.thewinetipster.co.uk/archives/1481 Monty Phillips.

  7. Mark H says:

    The Great Brook Run is back and better than ever! Well done to everyone who took part in this years race. And a huge thank you to the organisers and games makers who emulated the success of the 2012 Olympics. Website if superb too. Looking forward to next year already!

  8. The Ever Present says:

    I’m so super excited for this years GBR! Bring on the damp, cold, soggy feeling you get upon completion ;p

  9. Rosemary Osmond says:

    Good luck to everyone taking part tomorrow! Hope your brook floweth over!

  10. Mark Hemsworth says:

    Great Brook Run 2013 Youtube video up on line at last!
    Taken by the Gopro camera at the exit of the tunnel.

  11. Keith Snell says:

    Excellent fun and my feet have now finally thawed out. 2014 here we come.

    PS I left my thermal leggings in the male changing van, did anyone pick them up?

  12. Richard Nuell says:

    For the missing results I was 147. Richard Nuell

  13. Keith Snell says:

    For the Great Brook Run 2013, here are three missing competitors for you:

    In position 97 competitor 89 is Keith Snell
    In position 84 competitor 90 is Sam Snell
    In position 119 competitor 91 is Abby Hawkins

    Please could you update the results.

    PS, I have emailed these twice already, perhaps the emails went into the junk folder…