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“Of all the sporting events that take place in the village of Chadlington on the 28th of December, at lunchtime, The Great Brook RunĀ is probably one of the best.”

Fine accolades indeed! Welcome to The Great Brook Run – here you will find some, if not all, the information you need to come and enjoy our eccentric post-Christmas fun-run.

Amongst other things, you will find:

  • If you don’t know what the Great Brook Run is or you’d like to take part, you can find out more by clicking here.
  • If you need to find The Great Brook Run, click here.
  • Taking part is not without risk. Click here to read what you should know, particularly if you’re bringing children.
  • If you’re taking part, it’ll cost you a fiver. Because it’s for charidy, mate.
  • Runners need to register on the day, between 11:00 and 12:15. The race starts at 12:30.
  • All runners, no matter how crap, get a medal.
  • Yes, he might be. We don’t know.
  • Spectators are welcome.
  • The Tite Inn will serve food and refreshments before, during and after the race. Please book if you want lunch.

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